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7/22/2016 Show Number: 42
Moda Center Portland, OR
Tour:   Summer Tour 2016 Rareness Factor: 48.31
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4 Dancing Bears
Set TypeSong # SongBust Out
First Set1 Feel Like a Stranger  
First Set2 Easy Wind D
First Set3 Me and My Uncle  
First Set4 Tennessee Jed  
First Set5 West LA Fadeaway  
First Set6 Lost Sailor  
First Set7 Saint of Circumstance  
First Set8 Don't Ease Me In  
Second Set9 Here Comes Sunshine  
Second Set10 China Cat Sunflower  
Second Set11 I Know You Rider  
Second Set12 Viola Lee Blues  
Second Set13 Drums  
Second Set14 Space  
Second Set15 Dear Prudence  
Second Set16 The Wheel  
Encore17 Sugar Magnolia  
Encore18 Ripple  
D = Dead & Co debut, T = Tour debut

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