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So... around 4th of July in 2016, I was getting ready to see my first Dead & Co show up at Alpine Valley. Back in the mid to late 80's when I first started following the Grateful Dead, I used to study the setlists from a tour to find out what the band played when and identify patterns in the song selection. It was no different with Dead & Company - I began pouring over the setlists of the previous fall tour and what had been played so far over the summer tour in 2016. Unfortunately my mind wasn't the steel trap it used to be, so I had an idea to keep the setlists handy for easy reference. I first started keeping track in Excel, but it quickly became impractical - at least I had all the data there that I could import to a database, and building a web site around that data seemed like a natural fit.

By the time I got to Alpine, I had the beginnings of this database here, and I worked feverishly in our hotel room to get it functional. Just before the start of the Saturday show, it was working and by Sunday afternoon, I had all the setlists entered and started working on seeing if I could detect patterns in the songs and figuring out how frequently each song was played and the average number of shows between when a song was played until the next time it shows up in a show. I ended up following much of the rest of the tour from my couch thanks to a good friend who got me a hook up, and updating the shows and setlists as they happened. I kept up with it this year, and when I was out in Hollywood for the shows at the Bowl I had a good bit of history built up and the predictive capability of this database was dead on for the second night at the Hollywood Bowl - St. Stephen, Terrapin Station, Dark Star and Morning Dew were all overdue to be played and we got them all - magicical evening.

So the next step in the progression here is to make this database public and share it with people who are like minded and enjoy the music of the Grateful Dead and Dead & Company. I hope you all enjoy it.

Feel free to email me with any suggestions and if they're good, I'll add them...


Revision History

Date Note
  • Added sorting to the View Shows Page - also fixed a bug on the View Setlist page near the Tour Poster.
  • Updated the Get Setlist procedure to properly list the order of 3 set shows... like 12/31/19...
  • Added the total song count to the View Songs page.
  • Added new "Add Venue" page to admin panel.
  • Updated Add Show page to use venue drop down.
  • Updated Tour page to show venue and location from venues table instead of show table.
  • Fixed a bug when there is no "next show" to be had...
  • Added a "Visit us on Facebook" link next to the existing "Like" and "Share" FB buttons.
  • Added a user photo gallery to the setlist page and added a column to the View Shows page to indicate which shows have a photo gallery. The View Tour page also has a new column to indicate whether a photo gallery exists for a show.
  • Changed the radio button list for the show ratings to Dancing Bears.
  • Added the show rating to the tour page and updated some hyperlinks on that page.
  • Added individual show and average ratings.
  • Added the number of times played to the Tour Songs page.
  • The Tour page now shows the number of songs played.
  • Added tool tips for all of the clickable items in lists and stuff
  • Updated the Day of the Week occurrences to display a bar chart and added an occurrences by year pie chart.
  • Added a "day of the week" distribution to the song occurrences page.
  • Moved the tour poster up a bit on the setlist page so it's even with the page banner.
  • Shows with SoundCloud audio links will now show the embeded audio player instead of a generic link
  • The Venue Detail page now shows approximate capacity.
  • Added a view for the Tour songs with tour debut dates and venue information links.
  • Added a checkbox on the Favorite Songs page to let you filter to common dates
  • Added a checkbox on the View Songs page where you can select your favorite songs. Button at the top will take you to a follow up page where you can see the list of songs, where they've been played with an audio link.
  • Added a column to the setlist page called "Bust Out" - T indicates a Tour bust out, D indicates a Dead & Company bust out.
  • Rounded off the corners on the previous and next show boxes on the setlist page.
  • Added the "Rareness Factor" to the setlist and view shows page
  • Added a hyperlink for the venue on the View Setlist page - clicking on the venue name will now direct to the Venue Detail page where all shows played there are listed in date order.
  • Updated the main layout.
  • Added pictures of each venue on the venue detial page.
  • Saving the "Shows I've seen" list in a cookie now so it will save a person's list of shows between visits
  • Added a new feature - on the View Shows page, there is a new check box column. If you check the shows you attended, and click the button at the top, it will show you all the songs you've seen
  • Fixed a bug on the View Songs page where some songs were listed twice.
  • View Venues now has a column for # of shows played at the venue and columns are now sortable by clicking on the column headers.
  • Added the tour to the Venue detail page along with show date.
  • Added a link to Kieran Murphy's tour map to the Summer Tour 2018 page.
  • There's a new view for Venues. This will show all the venues played and if you click on the venue, you can see all the shows played there and drill into each setlist.
  • The View Tour page will now show the number of distinct songs played ( except for drums and space ).
  • The View Shows page now includes a column for audio links where available.
  • Added the location to the show drop down on the setlist page.
  • Fixed a bug on future shows where the date, venue and location would not load.
  • Added a "Top 10" anticpated songs to the View Setlistpage. This will display for any show in the future. Shows with existing setlists will load normal.
  • Added menu items for Today's Show, Last Show and Next Show.
  • Added links to the previous and next show from the view setlist page.
  • New Favorite Places page added and menu updated.
  • Updated the Song Occurrences and View Setlist page to display the song or show in the browser tab
  • Started adding audio links for many of the Fall Tour 2015 & 2017 shows.
  • Added video links in where no audio links were available
  • Most of the 2016 and 2017 Summer Tour shows all have audio links
  • Added a Tour link to the setlist page
  • Added a filter text box to the songs page to filter on the song list by name
  • Started to embed audio links in the View Setlist page.
  • Visitors are allowed to post memories and comments about individual shows
  • Fixed the framework
  • Added Tour Poster
  • Updated the View Setlist page so the show closest to the current date is selected when the page opens.
  • Added a Trend column to the Song Frequency Page
  • Updated the layout and color scheme
  • Added the trend to the Song Occurrences page
  • Added a browser icon
  • Renumbered the shows so they appear in date order.
  • Added a count to the song occurrances page.
  • Started working on Tours.
  • Added a count and frequency to the openers and encores page.
  • Fixed the layout and made some improvements to the setlist page.
  • Added Second Set Openers page.
  • Initial Launch of the Dead And Company Database
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