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7/16/2016 Show Number: 41
Fenway Park Boston, MA
Tour:   Summer Tour 2016 Rareness Factor: 36.47
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3.67 Dancing Bears
Set TypeSong # SongBust Out
First Set1 Truckin  
First Set2 Big River  
First Set3 They Love Each Other  
First Set4 Deal  
First Set5 Bird Song  
First Set6 Passenger  
First Set7 GDTRFB  
Second Set8 Playin in the Band  
Second Set9 Estimated Prophet  
Second Set10 He's Gone  
Second Set11 Sugaree  
Second Set12 Fire on the Mountain  
Second Set13 Drums  
Second Set14 Space  
Second Set15 Days Between  
Second Set16 Not Fade Away  
Encore17 One More Saturday Night  
D = Dead & Co debut, T = Tour debut

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