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11/28/2017 Show Number: 78
Spectrum Center Charlotte, NC
Tour:   Fall Tour 2017 Rareness Factor: 53.25
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4.14 Dancing Bears
Set TypeSong # SongBust Out
First Set1 Hell in a Bucket  
First Set2 Bertha  
First Set3 Peggy-O T
First Set4 When I Paint My Masterpiece T
First Set5 Greatest Story Ever Told  
First Set6 Ship of Fools  
First Set7 Mississippi Half Step  
First Set8 Let it Grow  
Second Set9 The Weight D
Second Set10 Playin in the Band  
Second Set11 Uncle John's Band  
Second Set12 Terrapin Station  
Second Set13 Drums  
Second Set14 Space  
Second Set15 Standing on the Moon  
Second Set16 I Need A Miracle  
Second Set17 GDTRFB  
Encore18 Black Muddy River  
Encore19 Playing Reprise  
D = Dead & Co debut, T = Tour debut

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