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8/27/2021 Show Number: 157
Saratoga Performing Arts Center Saratoga Springs, NY
Tour:   Tour 2021 Rareness Factor: 37.25
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4.24 Dancing Bears
Set TypeSong # SongBust Out
First Set1 Shakedown Street  
First Set2 Bertha  
First Set3 Peggy-O T
First Set4 Me and My Uncle T
First Set5 They Love Each Other  
First Set6 West LA Fadeaway T
First Set7 Bird Song  
Second Set8 Let the Good Times Roll  
Second Set9 Scarlet Begonias  
Second Set10 Help on the Way  
Second Set11 Slipknot  
Second Set12 Fire on the Mountain  
Second Set13 Drums  
Second Set14 Space  
Second Set15 Cumberland Blues  
Second Set16 Days Between T
Second Set17 Not Fade Away  
Encore18 Black Muddy River  
D = Dead & Co debut, T = Tour debut

Booyah  —  8/29/2021 4:30:00 AM
Second set was complete fire. That Scarlet>Help>Slip>Fire was insane! Drums had a really cool groove to it. Space was weird in a great way, everyone was snapped back into reality with Cumberland Blues. Bobby killed Days Between (unfortunately too many people talking to really enjoy). NFA and Black Muddy River had everyone on their feet and singing their hearts out. This will be a classic for these guys.

Michael S  —  8/28/2021 8:16:08 PM
It was my 3rd show of the week, I loved the set list and the vibe of the crowd but the venue grossly oversold this show. We got there early and got nice seats on the lawn and before I know it I had people just about sitting on my lap and more people were pouring in. We got up and went to the field on the other side of the concessions and had to watch the show on a large screen TV which was extremely disappointing.The vibe was good out there, the music was fantastic but I didn't pay that amount of money to watch a big screen TV. It was hugely irresponsible to sell the amount of tickets they did especially during covid. By the way the woman who checked our vaccination didn't even check ID just glanced at my Vax record picture on my phone and waved us through. Don't get me wrong I had a wonderful time but but it was so crowded it was unbelievable!!!

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