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8/21/2021 Show Number: 154
Citizen's Bank Park Philadelphia, PA
Tour:   Tour 2021 Rareness Factor: 30.75
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4.29 Dancing Bears
Set TypeSong # SongBust Out
First Set1 Mississippi Half Step T
First Set2 Alabama Getaway T
First Set3 Jack Straw T
First Set4 Franklin's Tower  
First Set5 Estimated Prophet T
First Set6 Sugaree T
First Set7 Terrapin Station T
First Set8 Other One T
First Set9 Drums  
First Set10 Space  
First Set11 The Wheel  
First Set12 Morning Dew T
Encore13 One More Saturday Night T
Encore14 Brokedown Palace T
D = Dead & Co debut, T = Tour debut

Wisdkstar  —  8/28/2021 8:17:59 PM
Glorious one set rocker!! Thanks to the Band for paying attention to the weather maps!! The Rainbow during JackStraw was a moment in time, after not seeing live music for year and 1/2! Loved Alabama! Terrapin as always!!

Art  —  8/23/2021 8:00:04 PM
Loved the one set show!! Best show I’ve seen in awhile! Fun!!

Nate C  —  8/23/2021 6:52:41 PM
The double rainbow during Jack Straw was incredible

Jeff  —  8/23/2021 10:04:16 AM
They played one really long set instead of taking a break as the weather got bad.

Dave  —  8/22/2021 1:17:29 PM
Alabama Getaway rocked!!

jemery2492  —  8/22/2021 12:34:02 AM
sprinting to beat the storm did all they could to make the most the time they had. no set breaks, one solid strong set!

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