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View 177110/26/21 07:18:40 PMHaroldI think #13 on this list should be "Fire on the mountain" However, the Scarlet/Touch of Grey/Fire on the mountain is a mini-sandwich so that's probably why you put "reprise"
View 177210/27/21 10:17:20 AMHeadsUpFire was not a reprise
View 178111/23/21 06:10:23 PMmmmmissing song no:12 hes gone.. :)
View 83101/18/22 08:33:55 PMHarold"Will it go around in Circles" (The Billy Preston Tune) at end of Shakedown Street
View 82101/18/22 08:35:56 PMHaroldGood Lovin' --> La Bamba --> Good Lovin'